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Xtreme Volleyball Academy offers a variety of programs for all ages.


  • Club/Travel runs mid-November to May with tryouts beginning in August and September.


  • Beach programs runs June to August with registration opening in March.

  • Academy programs are held year-round and include classes for beginners to advanced level of skill. The goal of the academy is to deliver quality coaching that helps athletes build a solid foundation for playing the game. All of our academy program costs include registration and evaluations. Please see the Location as to where the program will be held.

All of our programs are run by experienced/certified coaches and all players receive individual and group skill development.


Introducing Xtreme's Building Blocks


Unsure what program you belong in? Confused on what's next? We took the worry and hassle out of it all and built the 'Building Blocks' to better explain our programs. The Spikers programs are broken out for Elementary School Players & Middle School Players; each having their own skill level.


At the end of each session, our coaches provide players an evaluation certificate of their skills and performance and it will include the next program suggested for them.



Spikers-White (Beginner): White is designed specifically for the younger player who wants to learn to play. The program will include instruction on the  basic 

Spikers-Green (Intermediate): Green is designed for young athletes who have an interest in playing volleyball and need instruction and skills development.  This program is a continuation of our Spikers-White program with the goal to reinforce the skills learned in the previous program and an introduction to more advanced skills. 

Spikers-Purple (Advanced): Purple is a continuation of Spikers-Green whereby our coaches will start to refine the player's volleyball skills to get them ready for competition, learn rotations and go over the overall understanding of the game.


Spikers Club (September Special-All Levels): is a special program run each September to end of October for middle school players. All levels are welcome and teams are formed based on skill level.  Teams practice twice a week and participate in an local area scrimmage/mini-tournament. All players must attend an evaluation determine team placement. This program introduces the player to all concepts as well as game play, competition and introduces them high school volleyball and club/travel volleyball.


High School Academy (All Levels): The High School Academy has programs for all levels of players in 9th to 12th grade. Each program is designed for beginners to advanced level of play.


Club/Travel (All Levels): We offer levels of Club/Travel from Local teams to National. Teams are formed based on level, age, experience. All players must tryout to be considered for a team. Please see our Club/Travel page for more information.

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