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Boys Club/Travel Volleyball - 2024-2025 Season

Xtreme Volleyball Academy (XVA) competes with the most successful teams in the Eastern Coast Region, both Regional and National teams. Our development team's focus is on building a strong base of fundamentals to help shape individual players, as well as, a focus on the strategy and tactics of a team player.

Regardless of the team, age or level, XVA offers everyone quality training with experienced coaches, top-notch competitions, innovative techniques, and equipment. and most importantly, a club-family that cares about its players.  Xtreme's standardized training techniques have made our teams consistent medal contenders in every age class. The best indicator of future performance is past performance and Xtreme's teams have a history of top-three results. 

XVA develops teams with players ages 11 through 18. Players are placed on teams upon completion of tryouts where they are evaluated for performance, skills, strength and overall commitment to the program.

At Xtreme

  • 15+ years Coaching Experience including CAP I certifications and USAV certifications

  • We are a non-profit organization. We reinvest the proceeds into the programs and the community

  • 10-11 Players per team - We are about playtime and progress - not headcounts

  • Honest - Family Oriented - Community - Passionate

Club/Travel Quick Overview

Club/travel is for girls and boys ages 11 to 18 years old. Age is determined by the date of July 1st each year. Whatever age you are on that date is the age group you would play for (some players can play up a an age group). 

-Players attend a set of tryouts (see below) to be evaluated for team placement. Offers to players are made via email and all players are notified if they made a team or not.

-Teams practice weekly (some once a week, other twice or three times). Most practices are held weekdays from either 6pm to 8pm or 8pm to 10pm (18u practice 4pm to 6pm) depending on team placement. Weekend practices vary.

-Team practices begin:

  • Boys:  Late August/early September and run til end of February/beginning of March

  • Girls:  Early November for girls in full the first week of November and end in March/April for Local Area teams, April/May for all other teams.

    • National Teams may have optional practices during September and October.​

-Tournaments are held beginning in January and run through end of each teams club season. Tournaments are broken out single day and multiday for each team. Charts may show 3-4 single and 2-3 multi days the reason for this as we want to ensure that each team attends tournaments that are competitive for their level. If there are not enough single days for a particular team they may attend more multi day rather than the single and vice versa.  The goal is to have each team playing in a competitive competition each month and also the opportunity to win a bid for the AAU and/or USAV Nationals.

-Single day tournaments are typically a full day and held on a Saturday or Sunday and majority are under an hour's drive.

-Tri-Matches are typically a half day and also held on Saturdays or Sundays.

-Multi-day tournaments are also held on the weekend and most are held on holiday weekends such as President's Day, Easter, Memorial day. They run either Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday & Monday and teams will play all 3 days. 

-Details on tournament schedules will be posted on team pages and conveyed to players/parents once the full tournament schedule is released from GEVA/AAU and 3rd party organizers.

-Team Bonding Day: Each season our players meet off the court with their coaches and our staff. This day consists of getting to know one another. Building a team bond off the court has proven to strengthen the bond on the court. The day includes, a fun activity, lunch/snacks and a team building exercise. Details on the day's event will be sent to players once team placement has been assigned. 

-Parent 101:  Each parent/guardian will take part in a Parent 101 Training Clinic. The clinic includes a simulation of sorts of a typical training session our club player perform at their practices. The clinic will also include a scrimmage whereby parents/guardians learn the basic rules of a volleyball match including rotation, time outs, subs, liberos, etc.  

- Injury Prevention, Mental Awareness and College Seminars. All players and parents are invited to attend any and all of our seminars free of charge. Details on these seminars are sent out to teams at the start of the season.

Boys Club Travel Overview Costs:


11u to 18u

Costs include training, uniform packages, coaches and administration fees, tournaments, AAU membership, open gyms, gym use. Costs do not include players USAV/GEVA membership and travel costs.

  • 11u to 13u National:  Practices 2x a week from September to end of February/early March. Participate in 2-3 single  day and 2 multiday tournaments. Cost = $2,980.00

  • 14u to 18u Regional:  Practices 2x a week from September to end of February/early March. Participate in 2-3 single day and 2 multiday tournaments. Cost =  $2,980.00

  • 14u to 18u National:  Practice 2x a week (plus monthly skill days) from September to March. Participate in 3-4 single day and 3 multiday tournaments. Cost = $3,425.00


14u to 17u

National-Open teams compete at the higher level of play at tournaments including the GEVA Power Open.  These athletes commit to attending every practice and tournament without exception. National-Open teams generally have a core group that have played together for a few seasons and have proven that they can compete at the top level of competition in tournaments.  Mandatory school events are the only acceptable absences.

  • Boy's Teams runs August/September to March (June if attending Nationals)

  • Practice: 2x a week = 4 hours a week (Additional practice dates and scrimmages added each month)

  • Tournaments:  Teams participate in a number of tournaments during their season. Will be a combination of single and multiday tournaments.

    • USAV and/or AAU Nationals will be additional cost if teams attend

  • Uniform package includes: Two Jerseys, a practice shirt and a backpack

  • Cost includes all training, open gyms, team clinics, local club tri-matches, AAU memberships, coaches fee, administration.

  • Cost does not include Players USAV & GEVA memberships, players travel cost and Nationals, if attending

Tentative Multi Day Tournaments:

  • Rust Bucket, Pennsylvania - December 7 & 8, 2024

  • Wicked Good Challenge, Rhode Island - December 21 & 22, 2024

  • 3rd Annual Northeast Invitational, Atlantic City - December 21 & 22, 2024

  • Winterfest, Connecticut - January 11 & 12, 2025

  • Grand Prix, Mohegan, CT - February 1 & 2, 2025

  • Nike Festival, Boston - February 7, 8 & 9, 2025

Note, National-Open teams’ multiday tournaments are held on holiday weekends such as Easter, Spring Break, Presidents day, etc.  Boston and a few other multi-day tournaments begin play on a Friday. All players must commit to attend all tournaments.


14u to 17u and 11u to 13u Teams

Regional teams are for those athletes unable to commit to the demanding schedule of practice and tournaments of a National-Open team. These athletes, as all our athletes, are committing to attend all practices and tournaments.

  • Boy's Teams run August/September to end of February

  • Practice:  2x a week = 4 hours a week

  • Events/Tournaments:  2-3 single* day events (tournaments, tri/quad-matches and scrimmages) and 2 multiday

  • Teams may compete in an additional two day tournament rather than two single days

  • Uniform package includes: Two Jerseys, a practice shirt and a backpack

  • Cost includes all training, open gyms, team clinics, local club tri-matches, AAU memberships, coaches fee, administration.

  • Cost does not include Players USAV & GEVA memberships and players travel cost.

Tentative Multi Day Tournaments:

  • A.C. Special, Atlantic City

  • Wicked Good Challenge, Rhode Island

  • Nike Festival, Boston

  • Rust Bucket, Pennsylvania

  • Spooky Nook, Pennsylvania


13u to 18u

Practice players are for those wanting to train and improve upon their skills but unable to commit to any travel. All players must attend a tryout to be considered for placement on a team. XVA limits the number of practice players per team so spots are limited.

  • Season:  Based on team placement

  • Practice:  Based on team placement

  • Uniform package includes: practice shirt

  • Cost includes all training, open gyms, team clinics, coaches fee, and administration. 


See team description for club fees

XVA's team package includes Volleyball Training,  Xcel+ Training, Positional Clinics, Conditioning Classes, College Recruiting Assistance, Tournament Fees, Coaches Fee and Memberships, Insurance, Gym Rental, Equipment, Administrative, Coach’s Training, and Travel. In addition, the Players uniform package (see in team description), Players' AAU membership, annual Team Bonding/Team Party, Parent 101 Class and open gyms.

Team Fees Do Not Include Players’ USAV and GEVA Membership, Players' Travel Expenses for Practice or Tournaments.  Nationals are not included - cost will be additional if a team attends.

Refund policy

For all teams

Club/Travel Fees are non-refundable since the loss of an athlete cannot be easily replaced.  Once a contract is signed by the player/parent/guardian they are committing to the team and are responsible for full payment of the club dues stated in the contract. No monies will be refunded if a player chooses to leave XVA for any reason prior to the start of the season and/or during the season.  Contracts are in effective from the date signed (not the start of practice/season).


However, should a player become injured and not be available to continue the season, XVA will not pursue the remainder of any amounts due. Still, any request for waiving of fees due to injury must be made in writing to: Xtreme Volleyball Academy.

Refunds will not be given to players who miss a practice (club, beach and/or academy) due to vacation, illness, school, etc. 

Refunds will be given if XVA cancels the season due to unforeseen circumstances.

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