Club/Travel Tryout Information
2022-2023 Season

Club/Travel tryouts are for those players looking to train and compete as a team.  We ask that you review the team descriptions and ensure that you registering/trying out for the team you are able to commit to.  All Club/Travel Players (especially National players) are required to attend all practices, scrimmages and tournaments from the start to the end of the season; there are no exceptions.



id+ Tryout Clinic

Returning Again this Season.....Xtreme's ID+ Clinics

ID+ allows players the opportunity to

-Introduce themselves to Xtreme and our coaches

-Demonstrate their skills

  +Meet our players

  +Jump on the court and work on your skill development

  +Learn more about Club/Travel

  +Parents a quick Q&A session during the clinics

  +Receive a discount for Tryouts

The ID+ gives players an opportunity to learn about Xtreme while we learn about you and is considered part of your tryout.


+Register for an id+ clinic

+Pay and attend the clinic

+Receive a discount to register for tryouts (dates coming soon)

+Parents/Guardians are invited to stay to meet our coaches and staff, learn more about Xtreme and the 2023 season

Simply register and for one or both clinics and receive a discount code for the upcoming tryouts.

ID+ Clinics - Please register and attend according to your age group
(See age definitions below)

Tryout Dates/Times for Club/Travel 2022-2023 Season

Practice Players must attend at least one tryout to be considered for a team. Please register and attend tryout according to age group. Indicate on registration form if you are seeking a practice player position only.

Tryout Notes:

  • Those wishing to be considered for the the National team (except 12u, 13u & 18u as there is only one division in each age group) are asked to register accordingly and will stay for the longer duration of the tryout.

What to bring to tryouts:

  • Complete Xtreme registration on-line - Click SIGN UP in your age group

  • Comfortable clothing & good sneakers

  • Plenty of drinks/water (no cooler available at this time)

  • Team Spirit


Check-In at Tryouts:

  • All players must be registered with Xtreme prior to tryouts

  • Please form a single line at entrance

  • Players will check in with staff and indicate position(s), if known

  • Receive name tag

  • Proceed to Picture area (only used for internal use - will not be posted/distributed)

  • Enter gym and prepare for tryouts



-After completion of your evaluation(s) players will receive notification via email of their results. Note, most notifications will be sent after the 2nd tryout.

-We ask that you be patient during this time as we want to ensure that our coaches take the necessary time to evaluate each player and make offers based on skill, position and overall coach ability.



-Details on actual start date of practices will be sent to each player after tryouts.

-Practice is tentatively slated to start in early November. Optional open gyms, practices, etc. may be scheduled during September and October. Players will be notified via email and team pages of their schedules.

Age Divisions

  • The junior age definition for each age group was adjusted to a start date of July 1 (the date had previously been September 1).

  • A national waiver was added allowing girls 18s in their junior year of high school to compete on girls 17s teams. This was previously communicated as a regional waiver, but further review of the motion and discussion by the RVAA and JA Chairs lead USA Volleyball to institute this waiver nationally (it will automatically be allowed on rosters in the member management system).

  • Regional grade waivers will again be allowed for 14s boys in the seventh grade to play at the BJNC on a 13s team and for 13s boys in the sixth grade to play at the BJNC on a 12s team. This is the second season of this experimental waiver. Documentation of these waivers must still be submitted to the national office by the region to be allowed onto rosters for nationally sanctioned events. This waiver will not be automatically applied in the member management system without region approval.

Simply put:  Whatever age you will be as of 7/1/2023 is the age group you will register for and play in (i.e. if you are 14 on 6/28/23 you will be a 14u player).