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Our 15 National Team Heat won a bid to the AAU Nationals in Florida by coming in first/undefeated at the Grand Prix tournament in Connecticut this past February.  We are 'Xtremely' proud of the players and coaches for working and playing so hard to achieve this honor.


AAU Nationals is located in Orlando, Florida and the cost to attend for players and families is additional.  To help off set the travel cost, players are holding several fundraisers.  All proceeds go directly to our 15 National Travel Team Fund. 

Please join us in supporting our players and families to achieve their goal to attend the AAU Nationals.

See below for some opportunities to support our players.

Go Fund Me Campaign  - Click Here-




We are the parents of the Xtreme Volleyball 15 year old girls volleyball team, and our girls, after much hard work and sacrifice, won a bid to go to Nationals to represent Xtreme and our community at the AAU Nationals Championship in Orlando the 19th through the 25th of June.


Thanks to the coaching staff at Xtreme, our girls are learning what it means to be part of a team, and the sacrifices required to perform at a high level. They are learning discipline, sportsmanship, camaraderie, leadership, resiliency and respect for others that will help them to grow and become contributing members of our community and powerful female role models for future girls that will be competing in sports.


The trip is an amazing opportunity and experience, and we need help from our friends, loved ones, co-workers and the community to help our girls, the coaches and one parent/guardian to accompany them to Orlando.


We appreciate everyone's support and GO XTREME!!!!!!!

Dine & Donate Fundraiser

Simply go to Mama's & Cafe Baci on May 23 and/or May 24, order something delicious and 10% of your check will be donated t the 15 Nat. Team Heat Travel Fund.


Please print a copy of this voucher and bring it with you.

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