Club/Travel Volleyball - 2021-2022 Season

2021-2022 Club Tryouts and Information will be posted in May.

Xtreme Volleyball Academy (XVA) competes with the most successful teams in the Eastern Coast Region, both Regional and National teams. Our development team's focus is on building a strong base of fundamentals to help shape individual players, as well as, a focus on the strategy and tactics of a team player.

Regardless of the team, age or level, XVA offers everyone quality training with experienced coaches, top-notch competitions, innovative techniques, and equipment. and most importantly, a club-family that cares about its players.

XVA develops teams with players ages 11 through 18. Players are placed on teams upon completion of tryouts where they are evaluated for performance, skills, strength and overall commitment to the program.

At Xtreme

  • 15+ years Coaching Experience including CAP I certifications and USAV certifications

  • We are a non-profit organization. We reinvest the proceeds into the programs and the community

  • 10-11 Players per team - We are about playtime and progress - not headcounts

  • Honest - Family Oriented - Community - Passionate

2019-2020 Club Team Rankings

Rankings are based on al GEVA Teams .

Club Cost for 2020-2021 Season

New for 2021-2021 Club Season

For the upcoming club season we have broken out our pricing for training/administration, single day events and multi-day events as we did this past season.


Training/Administration fee includes practices/volleyball Training,  Xcel+ training, positional clinics, conditioning classes, college recruiting assistance, uniform package, coaches fee and memberships, insurance, facility rental, equipment, administrative, coach’s training. In addition, this season the Training/Administration fee also includes the Coaches & Players AAU Members and end of season party (Team Bonding Day).  No refunds will be given for the Training/Administrative fee. This cost does not include the player's USAV/GEVA membership and/or travel costs for players.

Single Day & Multi Day event costs will be billed to teams as the events are confirmed and teams are accepted.

A full payment schedule will be included in your formal contract. 

All practices are currently held our Ledgewood location.

We will work together to ensure a safe and successful club season.


Club Team Descriptions (based on a full season)



14u to 17u

Our national teams are designed for players that will compete at the highest level.  

They practice 3 times a week beginning in mid-November through the end of May. National teams are entered in the GEVA Power Open Play-In, 4 multi-day tournaments including the ECC in Pittsburgh and/or equivalent tournament at the end of May and also 5 single day tournaments in the local region.  National teams compete at the highest level of volleyball and strive to win a bid for the National playoffs. 

National teams will play at the National Playoffs should they qualify, This tournament cost will be additional.

National teams require a full commitment from start to finish and must commit to attend all practices, scrimmages and tournaments. 



14u to 17u

Our Regional teams practice 2 times a week from mid-November to mid-May. Teams will compete in 4 to 5 single day tournaments and 3 multi-day tournaments.  These teams compete at the highest level in their division. 




The 18u teams have one level in GEVA - Open. Teams practice 2 times a week from mid-November to the end of April. Teams will participate in 4-5 single day tournaments and 3 multi-day tournaments. 


12 & 13 NATIONAL

13u & Under

Our 12u & 13u National team consists of players from ages 11u to 13u. Teams practice 2 times a week from mid-November to the end of April. Teams play in 1 multi-day tournament and 4-5 single day tournaments.  


Regional White Teams

14u to 17u

These teams are comprised of players who want to train. Teams meet once a week, participate in scrimmages and a possible tournament. Regional white teams receive the same training as our National and Regional teams. Uniform package for these players consist of a jersey/practice shirt and a backpack.  Season for this team runs November to February 2022.



13u to 18u

Practice players are those players that are unable to fully commit to club travel. XVA will only place one practice player per team if a position is open.


Players will receive a practice shirt. In addition, they will receive the same training and opportunities as a full-time player such as free open gyms, clinics, team bonding and more. Practice players will not attend/participate in tournaments. To be considered as a practice player we request you attend at least one tryout.

Cost:  Varies on team you are placed on.

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See team description for club fees

XVA's team package includes Volleyball Training,  Xcel+ Training, Positional Clinics, Conditioning Classes, College Recruiting Assistance, Tournament Fees, Uniform Package, Coaches Fee and Memberships, Insurance, Gym Rental, Equipment, Administrative, Coach’s Training, and Travel. In addition, Players' AAU membership is also included along with the Annual Team Bonding/Team Party is also included for all our Players.

Team Fees Do Not Include Players’ USAV Membership, Players' Travel Expenses for Practice or Tournaments.  Nationals are not included - cost will be additional if a team attends.



12u to 18u

All players will receive a uniform package included in their club fee. The package includes 1 jersey, a practice shirt and a backpack.  White teams will receive one jersey, a practice shirt and a backpack and practice players will receive two practice shirts.

Returning Players:  If a returning player does not order a uniform and/or backpack they will receive an alternative apparel (i.e. sweat shirt, warmup suit, etc.)

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Club Costs Explanation

For all teams

The total price includes all practices, uniform package, single and multi-day tournaments and administrative/coaches fees.


Due to the current circumstances and this past season of limited tournaments and travel we have decided to keep our costs broken out as we did last season.  We fully expect the 2021-2022 season to resume back to normal, but just in case, players will be charged for practice/training only at the start of the club season. As teams are confirmed to attend tournaments that cost will be added on to their overall club fees. 

If multi-day tournaments are cancelled you will not be charged. If some occur but not others we will adjust as appropriate.

Tournament Fee Refunds are only given if we are unable to attend tournaments due to circumstances beyond on our control (not because a player does not want to attend). No refunds will be given if an individual player misses a tournament or a practice out of choice. No refunds are given if a player voluntary leaves during the season.

Training/Administrative Fees are non-refundable. These costs are billed as players train and covers coaches fee, training expenses, administration fees, equipment, AAU registration, facilities charges. 

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